DataGeos offers data and mapping services to mineral exploration companies. Data is your most valuable asset; our mission is to maximize its value.

The final product of an exploration program is your geologic database. It represents a significant investment in both man-hours and capital.  Let us assist you design and compile your data so your geologic staff can concentrate on exploration in the field, not sitting in front of a computer.

Present your data with professional mapping products and concise technical reports customized for presentation to regulatory agencies, executive management, technical staff, or investors.

  • Field GPS and Drone surveys

  • Custom Python programming to process laboratory assay and geochemical reports for  quick and accurate import of data into SQL, Access, and Excel  

  • GIS-CAD map products (2D AND 3D) utilizing  ArcGIS, Global Mapper, QGIS, Surfer, and Voxler

  • Exploration and Resource solutions utilizing Micromine and Micromodel (free open source) software.   Maps and plans of surface sampling, x-sections, drill x-sections, geophysical surveys can be produced quickly and accurately and  exported to all standard mining software packages 

  • Scanning and conversion of legacy data,  paper maps and files.       Office: +1-520-225-0000      Cell: +1-208-293-4778